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How It Works

1. Expectant mothers who give birth to normal and healthy babies are being encouraged to donate their resulting umbilical cord blood to the hospital. Despite the fact that this tissue was disposed as waste just a few years ago and now is considered to be an excellent source of high-quality stem cells.

2. During the birth process, a reputable and functional nurse goes into the delivery room to carry out the extraction process.

3. The mother is well informed that the umbilical cord is being compressed when the expected baby is born. This protects and preserves the blood in the cord.

4. The protected blood is drained from the cord. Once that’s done, we put it through our sterile lab which then extracts the stem cells for therapeutic use.

5. A lab specialist screens the umbilical cords under the standards set by AATB and processes the cord blood to extract the stem cell.

6. Quantico Labs is a worldwide distributor of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the Umbilical Cord which our doctors use in their clinics for regenerative medical procedures.